Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers give fullness and definition to the lips, add volume to the cheeks, soften the jowls, turn up the edges of the mouth and fill in facial wrinkles.

Hand rejuvenation using dermal filler injections is a newer non surgical treatment that is becoming more popular to reduce the skeletal appearance of ageing hands by plumping the tissue to make the veins and tendons less noticeable.

Dermal fillers are made from a complex sugar, which naturally occurs in the body.  The complex sugar assists in skin hydration by attracting and holding water, and also combines with collagen and elastin to provide skin structure and elasticity. We use a range of dermal fillers with different viscosities to treat the various areas of concern.

Dermal Fillers From $600 per syringe


Dose is per 1mL syringe. Typically, the doctors will often use one syringe per treatment, and sometimes two syringes for larger or multiple treatment areas.

The syringes come in sterile packs, for immediate use on opening.  Based on this fact, and also on the fact that there are no product indications or TGA approval for ‘saving’ an opened product for later use, our doctors DO NOT the split syringe/dose.  Simply put, once opened the sterility of the product can not be guaranteed beyond immediate use.

Depending on the dermal filler used, the treatment typically lasts from 6 to 18 months.  A maintenance plan is recommended to maintain the effect of your dermal filler treatments.

Side Effects

Clinical trials have shown that the dermal filler is well tolerated.  The injectable gel includes an anaesthetic to minimise discomfort during treatment.

Side effects are possible but are they are generally temporary and injection-site related.  These may include redness, tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumpiness, bruising or discolouration.

Who shouldn’t be injected with dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments are not appropriate for women who are pregnant, considering getting pregnant or breast feeding.  Dermal fillers should not be used if you are allergic to the anaesthetic in the product.